Not an easy task to explain if I do video-art or VJ. What’s the difference? It is the same as Design & Art. Can we say that the creative expression has no boundrais? I play with videos and images just like a DJ does with loops and tracks but can we also say that a DJ can also create a unique composition while mixing in the moment and become a composer? When behind the DJ/VJ booth with Alex Retox sometimes the connection between sound and image becomes a unique experience, just like in a art-piece. A unique journey where there is not anymore a background video-wallpaper like in the majority of the VJ acts or the technicity of the 3d mapping and experimental sounds.
What we do, what we create happens in the moment, it is a jam session. I use clips by Bill Viola’s artworks as references to the art world and at the same time by using loops or vdeo-clips I create something unique. I use a very simple software that allows me to fadein & fadeout, just like having a mixer. It is a performance.

An interesting article: http://www.goethe.de/ins/tr/lp/prj/art/med/str/en9834753.htm